University Architect

The University Architect (UA) provides comprehensive guidance related to the institution’s built environment; specifically, strategic guidance supportive of campus master planning, programming, architectural development, building efforts and best design practices.  The UA  extends a unifying influence over the projects executed on the University Campus.


Provides direction and oversight for furnishings, flooring, paint, and other finishes. Establishes interior environment standards and guidelines. Advocate for the reuse, repurpose or reconfiguration of furniture when appropriate or feasible.

Historic Building

Historic Implementation Plan

Getty Campus Heritage Plan


Sustainability is a core value at UNM, and deeply integrated into the work of Planning, Design & Construction. The maintenance and operation of campus buildings is the single largest source of campus greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at UNM. Therefore, PDC and its consultants design and build all projects with consideration for the environmental impact over the life of the facility. We not only emphasize the initial capital costs of the building, but carefully consider the life cycle costs associated with the operations and maintenance of the facility. We meet or exceed the U. S. Green Building Council's LEED Silver standard per the Governor's Executive Order 2006-001.