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Smith Plaza / Union Square

Smith Plaza and Union Square, the heart of the University of New Mexico campus, is about to undergo a major renovation.  The 3.3 acre renovation includes Smith Plaza south of Zimmerman Library, Union Square north of the SUB, and the stair transition connection the spaces.  With a budget of $3 Million obtained through institutional bonds, the aim is to create a "great room" that will invigorate the Plaza for students, faculty, staff and community uses and promote UNM as a destination university.

Our goal is to promote a balance of social and academic activities and provide flexibility to allow for small and large diverse groups to gather to encourage student engagement and connectivity at UNM.

The survey which is being conducted by the UNM Planning, Design and Construction department will take less than five minutes to complete.  We would appreciate your feedback. For inquiries, please contact Amber Straquadine at Please submit your feedback by midnight of Tuesday, February 28th.  Thank you for taking the time to assist with this planning!

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